Owie - Oba Ewaure Bust  
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Oba Ewaukpe Bust


Akenuxama was the rightful heir to the throne, but he was very elderly.  He asked that his son, Idova, be given the crown.  This was granted and he was crowned Oba under the title Ewaukpe around 1700. 

His story is really the story of his ever faithful wife, Queen Iden (See her story separately).  Because of skipping a generation, the chiefs and people did not respect him as Oba, and basically left him alone without power. 

Only after his wife sacrificed her life did he regain the respect and homage of his subjects.  In the end he lived a long and very productive life, and died a peaceful death leaving the kingdom to his eldest son.


This substantial piece weighs 13 pounds and stands 15 inches tall. 

Price - $750.00

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